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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Assessment

    Members meet with a MedPro coach for a comprehensive personal wellness assessment [PWA] in order to establish baseline health information. The PWA measures: age, strength, flexibility, body composition, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure and resting heart rate. A personalized health risk assessment (HRA) is performed and a Health Age is calculated to showcase overall health risk. Once a MedPro program is put into place, ongoing re-assessments occur at regular intervals and provide the ability to make adjustments and monitor changes in health status over time. 

  • Program

    Your MedPro wellness coach designs a wellness program based on your personal needs and health goals. Our programs are delivered in an efficient and personal health checklist that offers members weekly or monthly goals.  The checklist follows the guidelines of our Breathe, Move & Replenish program that offers a well-rounded approach to wellness via stress management (breathe), exercise (move), and nutrition (replenish).  A typical member will start with a 12-week fundamentals program that caters towards beginners or those who have “fallen off.”  The goal is to incorporate basic principles into our member’s lives and teach them how to incorporate these principles into their daily routine.  After the fundamentals program, the individual will transition to a more personally customized program and then a creative lifestyle maintenance phase.  These programs were not built for fanatics but for the rest of us who struggle with being intimidated and uncomfortable.

  • Technology

    The MedPro digital dashboard complements live coaching with reminders and alerts via email or text. It also provides education and real-time tracking results tracking. The dashboard:

    • Provides members with a snapshot of their current statistics.
    • Gives members a longitudinal view of their progress over time.
    • Enables members to view their personalized fitness program and watch instructional photos and videos.
    • Keeps members health information safe and secure.


  • Coaches

    The MedPro team is comprised of health fitness specialists, health coaches and nurses. Our coaches and programs follow principles of social psychology and behavioral economics in order to keep members engaged and motivated toward achieving their  wellness goals. The unique combination of personal touch and interactive technology effectively drives behavior towards lasting healthy lifestyle changes. 

  • Seminars

    The MedPro wellness coaches and medical advisory board offers guidance on fitness, nutrition, and other wellness topics through regular educational seminars. Some examples of seminars include:

    • Nutrition and Lifestyle Intervention for Weight Management and Longevity.
    • What is Metabolic Syndrome and Why is it Rampant in the U.S.?
    • Managing or Reversing Diabetes.
    • Managing Cholesterol and the Optimal Dietary Fat Balance.


  • Results

    MedPro’s unique combination of personal guidance and technology allows members to accomplish their goals with ongoing guidance and structure, such as:

    • Re-Assessments and Ongoing Program Design: MedPro re-evaluates progress and provides new  programs every 1-4 months, or as needed.
    • Real-Time Monitoring: Members monitor their own progress via the proprietary MedPro digital dashboard.
    • Educational Seminars and Lectures: The MedPro medical advisory board offers timely and relevant guidance on topics such as fitness, nutrition, stress and more.


MedPro Principles

The MedPro philosophy is based on four guiding principles Learn about them now



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